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Christian Business League


Mission Statement

To serve as a Faith Based organization, using a collaborative approach to community-wide economic development and empowerment.


Vision Statement

The Christian Business League will be a catalyst for establishing a community that controls its own destiny through the fostering of Wealth Creation and Economic Empowerment.


Guiding Principles

In the context of our Faith, we will: 

  • Make all business decisions with careful regard to Christian principles and values;

  • Seek out and support African American owned businesses;

  • Create opportunities for innovative and creative thinking, meaningful dialogue and fellowship that bonds us together;

  • Invest personally in the education and mentoring of current and future entrepreneurs;

  • Encourage the building of networks and partnerships to drive new business development;

  • Commit to supporting the financial stability of the African   American Church

Activities of the CBL will include:

  • Quarterly Faith and Finance Breakfasts

  • Business networking and mentoring

  • Community wealth creation

  • Jobs Partnership Ministry

  • Financial Empowerment Program

  • Business Trailblazer Tribute

  • Scholarships

CBL Black History Month Contest

See Home Page for Information
Dr. Jackson CBL Trailblazer2022.jpg

Dr.. Edgar B. Jackson, 
2022 CBL Trailblazer

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